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Message Overview from a PowerHouse Speaker:
NEVER take any fall or failure as Final Answer.  Many have died on their trail with their dreams unfulfilled and potential untapped.  You cannot be one of them.


You are on a Journey.  You have a Destiny, and this Journey you've walked so far (the good, the bad and the ugly) has prepared you for it. The Mountain Tops show you what you can achieve and accomplish, and the Valley Places build character, teach lessons, give wisdom, and bring out the 'Soldier' (strengthening) in you. Never take any fall as Final Answer, This Is It, or a presumed failure as Finished.  You fell but YOU are NOT a failure - that effort you were making failed.  That plan you undertook failed.  Know the difference between what failed vs. YOU failed!  (There is Wisdom in seeing 'situations' in proper perspective!)

Points to Consider:

Learn to validate yourSELF. Can you see what’s IN you?  Your strengths and potential?  Or do you only see the past and what it has done to you?  Well, let me help you.  Operate my   Rule of 6Reflect, Re-evaluate, Recalibrate, Refocus, Restart and Rise from your ashes.  See yourself in a new light...now, isn't that better?

New thinking, re-evaluation and fresh perspective will be critically needed, and I address those when speaking at gatherings.  In today's world the climate has changed.  From employment to relationships and everything in-between, little is sacred anymore and nothing is sure.  Thirty years anywhere (working/married/business partnerships/friendships) is not guaranteed.  The  'end-game' is dressed in a question mark - you don't know what promises will be kept or broken. 

Life sends us on many rides.  Life has Tricks. The key is: Can you hold on in your free-fall, can you remember that you will land somewhere - and do you believe you can rise AFTER the fall?  Life Hits bring discouragement, broken spirit and diminished or lost sense of hope. Beware of those self-defeating thoughts/emotions!  They lie to you.  They are false indicators. They cause us to invalidate our self-worth, paralyze our will to rise, and thereby nullify our potential. 

That's why I tell about 'Seasons' in every Life Journey, and to understand that every experience is part of a Season in that Journey. There are Valley Lows, Crossroads, Opportunities Won, Opportunities Missed, Lost and so on. Example: When a season ends where a loss occurs, a dream seems dead or a sudden impact has shaken your ground - take a step back and think about this before you implode about it. Whatever you do, don't put a Period there. It's not the Final Answer. These 'Life Hits' can also be the tools and catalysts forcing you to make some necessary changes!  Get ready to Do You Differently.  

When you are ready, Turn the Page! Free yourself from the Ashes. Cut unnecessary weight (i.e. toxic folks/unproductive habits). Arise and Start Again. Who told you that you can't?  Oh, yes you CAN!  

This is the thrust of my Messages: There is a Road ahead called Future with your name on it.  Do you want it? Then place a bet on YOU for a change. Take back your Life and Get Back in the Game!  Be that shining Comeback Kid and a beacon of light for someone else 'Going Through.'   

If you would like to have me come before your group or gathering to share empowering insights, contact me anytime.

Dianne McNair
Phone: (301) 640-1380
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