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You are on a Journey.  You have a Destiny, and this Journey you've walked so far (the good, the bad and the ugly) has prepared you for it. The Mountain Tops show you what you can achieve and accomplish, and the Valley Places build character, teach lessons, give wisdom, and bring out the 'Soldier' (strengthening) in you. Never take any fall as Final Answer, or a perceived failure as Finished.  You fell but YOU are NOT a failure.  That effort you made failed.  That plan you thought would work failed.  Know the difference between what failed vs. YOU failed! The 'failure' is the result of a decision you made, or action you took, or the works of others you trusted. If you knew better but went ahead anyway, your decision to do it resulted in the chaos/loss/failure. If your dilemma is the result of others who failed you, their actions put you here in this bad place. Take ownership of what you caused, or recognize where the fault really lies if it belongs to others, and then begin the process of Turning the Page and reshuffling your 'deck of cards' to play a new hand.

Don't see what happened to you as the X Factor for your future; see what's IN you.  See the lesson of what happened and the truth revealed about those involved in your calamity (yep, even see your part if you discover you played a role).  It's okay!  How were you to know?  Maybe you should have known, but it's the lesson that counts, and it counts toward re-building you. Can you see your strengths, possibilities and potential going forward, or do you only see the body slam and what it has done to you?  Well, let me help you...

I discovered the Rule of 6: Reflect, Re-evaluate, Recalibrate, Refocus, Restart and Rise from your ashes.

There are areas in Life where rethinking, re-evaluation and fresh perspective will be critical in order to 'turn the page' and I address them when sharing interactively with audiences at gatherings.  In today's world you should be clearly aware that the climate has changed.  From employment to relationships and everything in-between, little is sacred anymore and nothing is sure.  Thirty years anywhere (working/married/business partnerships/friendships) and a four-year college degree guarantees you nothing.  The  'end-game' reward now is dressed in a question mark. You cannot afford to lull yourself into the fascade of business as usual anymore. You must modify your game plan as you retool and rebuild after a fall. 

Life sends us on many rides, and I say Life's Got Tricks.  The key is: Can you remain solid when you free-fall, and did you know you can rise AFTER the fall?  Life Impacts bring discouragement, broken spirit and diminished or lost sense of hope.  We know this, it's human to mourn, but be careful not to dwell there.  Parking in that dark place is self-defeating, and plants deep roots in your emotional thoughts!  They lie to you.  They are false indicators causing us to
invalidate ourselves and nullify our potential.  That's why I share that when a season ends, a loss occurs, a dream seems knocked out of reach - take a step back and 'do the 6 R's' above to reclaim your place on Life's Road, steady your footing and 'get back in the game.'

After life-altering events, don't put a Period there, as if that is Final Answer.  It's the time when you look at yourself (Reflect on circumstance) and acknowledge what happened.  It wasn't fair, it wasn't right and it should not have happened to you - Correct.  But asking a deeper question can help you  avoid making the same decision error in the future.  Here it is:  Whose fault was it? Their fault? (shame on them!) Your fault? Uh-oh. (Did you not think it through before you acted?) or Both sides? This that happened does not define you; it refines you, it is not you, but speaks only what happened to you. There is so much I could share, but I will wrap up this overview with these next three paragraphs:
1. See your Life as a Book - your Book with chapters and pages.  Know that it's not what happened to you that is most important. It is what you learned from it, how you respond to it, and how you see yourself afterward that will determine when you will rise above it and move forward.  You see, what happened to you is one page in a chapter in the Book of your Life.  Do you stay there on that page?  NO. When you are ready, you can Turn the Page.

2. Have you checked your mileage meter? You have more road to travel and living to do.  Cut unnecessary wasteful energy on priming what is dead, trying to save what is gone, keeping people and memories that are toxic, and carrying baggage filled with ash.  Get ready to leave The Valley and shift into Renovation Thinking.  It's YOUR Life - Don't throw it away!  LIVE IT! 
It's your turn again...Take It!

3. Don't let what happened choke your candle of hope and potential. There is a Road ahead called Future. Everyone has a Future, and yours has your name on it.  How soon you take that walk toward it is up to you.  You deserve and owe it to yourself to rise up, take back your power and get back in the game!  Someone else somewhere is watching you rise again. Someone else needs your shining Comeback Kid story as a beacon of hope for him/her.

Message Overview from a PowerHouse Speaker:
NEVER take any fall or failure as Final Answer.  Many have died on their trail with their dreams unfulfilled and potential untapped.  You cannot be one of them.

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Dianne McNair